New To Massage ? 

For those who are not familiar with massage and spa experiences, here are few things that might help.

Massage basically assists the body, mind and spirit in enhancing their natural functions. Circulation can be improved, nerves can be soothed, organs helped to balance and cleanse, emotions can be released and the spirit uplifted.

The massage environment is a beautiful cushioned table with sheets and blanket that offer a secure modest comfort. Low light and gentle music add to the feeling of getting away.

This is about your comfort. Realizing that unique oil will be used, you may wear something or nothing whatever you feel is most comfortable. While relaxing under the sheet it will be respectfully moved to access muscles. Your therapist is an outstanding, caring professional who will ask you specifically which areas need specific attention and any muscle areas that you would prefer not to work on in that session.

You need to do nothing other than breath deeply and slow and let yourself smile and let feelings roll by. You simply tell your therapist if in any way anything feels too intense, or not intense enough in any way. This is your time and your space to simply be present in the now letting the past and future take care of itself.