Massage Services

Integrating bodywork and massage therapy into your life can be one of the most wonderful gifts you can give yourself. Our nurturing "hands on" approach can literally put you in "touch" with yourself physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  Investing in wellness opens to a new and better relationship with yourself. You are the only one who will ever be you. Give yourself the best opportunity for discovery and your fulfillment.

(Minnesota Sales Tax Is Added To Massage Services)

Individual Massage

For Relaxation, Injury Care, Sports Massage, Body Mind Emotional Release Or Deep Muscle Massage

Foot Massage  $35

Thirty Minutes  $35

Sixty Minutes    $65

Ninety Minutes $95

One Hundred Twenty Minutes        $130


Couple's Massage

The two of you enjoy quality time together letting stress and tension melt away and walk out together floating.

Sixty Minutes    $130

Ninety Minutes $190

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Pregnancy Massage

Massage can help you naturally feel better, be more flexible and manage stress during this very special time of your life. Our special maternity massage table offers extra comfort. Relaxed happy mothers-to-be can result in a more relaxed delivery.

Thirty Minutes         $35

Sixty Minutes           $65

Ninety Minutes        $95

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Enhanced Massage

The three following sessions focused on strategic areas of Head, Feet or Low Back/Hips or concentrated full body work.

Heads Up

Soothing the head, neck & face with strong focused massage with warm & cool compresses, hot stones, freeing mental & physical tension. (Half Hour) $45

Feet First

Fully pamper tired, overworked feet with warm heat (towels & stones) and luxurious massage. (Half Hour) $45

Bottom Line

A strong focus on low back and hips to return freedom of movement and relieve stress and pain. (Half Hour) $45

Deep Tissue Therapy

Gentle, firm, exceptionally deep work that encourages and supports recovery and injury care on many levels. (One Hour) $75

Outdoor Massage

Together our Relaxation Garden and Private Bathing Area offer a wonderful environment for a truly refreshing massage in a new way. (Seasonally Available) (One Hour) $75

Tandem Massage

Four hands working in unison and harmony from two therapist offering a deeply healing experience inviting a profound balance. (One Hour) $175

Ultimate Massage

This exceptional massage experience focuses the three half hour Enhanced Massage aspects of the "Heads Up", "Feet First", and "Bottom Line" adding an additional Half Hour of Massage to tie together this wonderful experience for the whole Mind, Body, and Spirit.

(Two Hours) $160

Aromatherapy Massage

The richness of Caring Hands are beautifully custom blended together with pure essential oils and our high grade JoJoba massage oil to heal and delight the senses.. (One Hour) $75

Stone Enhanced Massage

Deep penetrating heat of warm stones partner with the expertise and experience of strong hands to create this unique massage. (An Hour) $75