Spa Services

We truly believe that the ability to enjoy the simple pleasures in life is one of the highest forms of spirituality. It can be the foundation of your ability to share joy in service to others. Something is only considered a luxury when you feel you don't deserve it. By putting yourself in Caring Hands™ in this special way, you can experience the essence and beauty of warm waters, cleansing salts and clays, aromatic oils and luxurious pampering that we believe you deserve.

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These half hour sessions offer you a introduction enjoying the benefits of the Spa Experience.

Vichy Spa Shower

Beginning with dry body brushing with Natural brushes then experience the blissful calm melting stress with the luxurious sensation of warm massaging rain from the five powerful shower heads.  $25

Back Salt Scrub With Vichy

Special sea salts and oil pamper your back followed by the deep relaxation of the Vichy Spa Shower. $40

Hot Stone Vichy

Hot, warm stones massage the back and then follow with the "magical" relaxation of the Vichy Spa Shower. $40

Refreshing Face Mask

Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing to refresh and rejuvenate the face. $50

Hair Shampoo With Vichy

The luxury of your hair shampooed with massaging hands followed by the deep relaxation of the Vichy Spa Shower. $35

Invigorating Drum Spa With Vichy

An energizing approach to relaxation utilizing gently firm percussive cupping, tapping and brisk stroking of the back with hands and natural brushes followed by the deep calm of the Vichy Spa Shower. $40


These full body sessions represent the Caring Hands approach to the Traditional Spa Experiences.

Body Clay Mask

Exotic green clay is gently painted on your body helping to cleanse and release toxins along with Foot pressure point treatment and a relaxing Vichy Shower.   $85

Essential Body Wrap

Your body is anointed with fine oils and wrapped with hot towels and successive layers to warm and refresh the skin with Foot pressure point treatment and a Vichy Shower. $85

Body Salt Scrub

Your choice of essential oils of Floral, Citrus or Native Traditions blended with Jojoba Oil  and special sea salts smooth and invigorate the body followed with a nurturing bathing with silky Coconut soap and being rinsed and relaxed by a warm Vichy Shower. $85

Rejuvenating Face Mask

Utilizing techniques and aspects from a number of cultures and times for revitalizing and bringing sense of freshness and newness to the face. (An Hour) $85

Taste Of Everything

A wonderful combination of spa treatments blending dry body brushing, foot clay mask, hand salt scrub, with an aromatherapy body infusion and hot stones massage for back & neck, finishing with a Vichy Shower. $95