The word Energy is used in many ways. Through ancient traditions and modern theory it describes and illustrates an awareness of the aspects of change and movement in our world and reality. Whether referring to light, sound, spiritual essence, electrical current, or life force it offers an understanding of the dynamic of the connection and relationship of all things.

From the time tested experiences of hands on healing to the technical aspects of EKG heart monitors, Energywork affords us the opportunities for growth, change, and essential healing.

At Caring Hands, we present a number of these experiences in different formats.

Essential Gong Washing

The gong produces a strong sound wave, almost tangible to the touch, which stimulates the physical body by influencing the surface of the skin and every cell.  On a physical level, the gong releases tension and blocks in the body; it stimulates a higher functioning of the glandular and nervous system, it increases prana, our vital life force and improves circulation.  


Heaven and Earth - High and Low

For many, intense sound vibration can be an exceptionally heady transcendent experience. This specific energetic presentation blends Essential Gong Washing with the rich fullness of foot massage added. The delicate and powerful dance between spirit and body gift you with a substantially grounded journey. Guided and supported by two practitioners you experience the essence of “As Above, So Below” in a fulfilling way.


Focused Reiki

Reiki - literally “Universal Energy” is one of the most accessible ways of energy healing and balancing. Offering a wholeness that reminds body, mind, and spirIt of unity of our oneness. Your intention becomes our manifestation.


Reiki Healing with Sound Therapy

Reiki, a Japanese technique, uses hands on touch allowing universal life energy that flows through all living things to balance and flow through your body. Sound healing is added with crystals and aromatherapy to enhance your wholeness and healing.