Other Services

At Caring Hands, we have available a number of services which give relaxation, enjoyment and healing in very different ways. The uniqueness offers relaxation and rejuvenation in a dynamically refreshing experience.


An exceptionally unique approach to healing and improving yourself.

Single Session $7

Package Of Ten $49

T-Zone/Infrared Sauna Session $14

Package Of Five $49

Package Of Ten $99



Different from traditional saunas, the infrared heat warms the body directly, not the air around the body. This gives deep penetrating heat, enabling a cleansing sweat and rejuvenating relaxation without that oppressive feeling that makes breathing difficult.

Our Infrared Sauna offers you many benefits.

Experience exceptional deep cleansing while enjoying relaxation and warmth with our Infrared Sauna.

Individual Session $14

Session For Two People $20

Package of Ten $99