The All Encompassing Disclaimer/Guarantee

Every action we take in this country is ridden with disclaimers and guarantees. In this regard my intent in all situations is to empower the people that I interact with to act in their highest good. I have no intention of representing what I offer as anything more than one human being doing his best to be a loving human being. What I offer should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis, counseling, or anything else that might get me sued. Remember, Jesus himself said, "Your faith has made you well.....". (I personally believe, he said this to ward off litigation and to encourage people to take responsibility for their own actions because it makes them strong.)

At best what I offer are stories, descriptions, and personal hallucinations of how I see reality. Anyone taking any actions based on the the aforementioned hallucinations is doing so because they hear the same voices I do. Anyone who is healed, grows, or finds benefit in regards to any of my actions should thank God and themselves for taking good care of themselves.

If you have feedback concerning how you are experiencing our work, We will always listen. we are focused on the mastery of our arts. An integral part of this mastery is our dedication to humbly seeking the highest spiritual expression of these arts. We are committed to doing our best to make your experience a win-win experience.

It then follows that I sincerely and playfully offer the following guarantee:

I, 100% guarantee that whatever happens, happens ..........or your money back.


David Mueller