Ayurveda Services

The Ayurveda (which in Sanskrit literally means "life-knowledge") comes from an ancient, time tested approach to well being. These traditions from India present opportunities for bringing balance to your life based on simple natural principles rooted in the essence of "moderation in all things" and a way of living which emphasizes natural cleansing. Its view of life also celebrates that beauty and joy are a natural part of the journey of the challenges of healing.

A key concept is "dosha" which is somewhat simply understood as a "constitution" or "type". Though it goes beyond just a sense of body type, temperament and personality characteristics to embrace the whole you, body, mind and spirit. Specific herbs and points are chosen to assist with this.

Ayurvedic care can be approached in a way which is referred to as "Tri-dosha". This is focused on herbs and points, that are advantageous to all types (doshas) in a general way.

Dosha Awareness Test

Another Ayurvedic approach is grounded in a process of exploring yourself by a self-accessing questionnaire know as the "prakruti" which reveals the specific balance of "dosha" that is individual to you.  Specific herbs and points are chosen to address these specific doshas in a unique and strategic way. Arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to take the Dosha Accessment. 

The exploration of "doshas" is offered as a guide to supporting natural growth and healing. It offers no intent of diagnosis or suggesting medical advice.

Ayurvedic Face treatment

A unique combination of gentle balancing touch, use of marma focus (vital energy points), stimulating scalp massage with use of "Kansa Wand" facial massage together with the delight of aromatic oils deeply refresh and re-energize both face and your whole being.

"Kansa Wand" made of healing bronze metal in India reducing stress, pulling out toxins from tissues and muscles with gently friction.  Sixty Minutes     $85

Ayurvedic Consultation

An hour “one on one” session offering the unique perspectives and traditions of Ayurveda from India focused on supporting you in “knowing yourself better in a special way”. Simple, basic and practical opportunities for blending the dynamics of nutrition, movement and awareness are explored.  $60 an Hour


A form of Ayurveda that involves the gentle stream of warm herb infused oil. over the forehead from a special copper urn. The name comes from the Sanskrit words shiro (head) and dhara (flow). Some say this level of relaxation in indescribable. The experience can be joined with Ayurvedic Massage to give you deep relaxation and very memorable moments.              

basic shirodohara                                            $55                                                          

Ninety Minutes plus ayurvedic massage     $140

Ayurvedic Massage

Specially herb infused oil blends are used in unique massage ways, relaxing the body and mind, effectively accessing specific (Marma) points which balance and invite luxury and healing.  Sixty Minutes  $85      

Kansa Wands

Kansa Wands


Ayurvedic Palm Interpretation

This type of body reading is not psychic, or fortune-telling, or mystic. The Ayurvedic Palm Interpretation looks at the energy of the "Atman", or the palm and thumb that is presented by the Client, and this energy of past, present, and future life energy or "karma" can help us have greater insight into lessons learned, decisions that are being made, and future choices so we can be our "best self" and use our unique energy to contribute to the highest vibration of our Universe that is possible.

The Ayurvedic Palm Interpretation may help you to use this "knowledge of the Atman" to create wise behavior, thought, and spiritual patterns so you can be the best possible you every day.         $20