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Our Story


The Story of Caring Hands coming to Hastings, Minnesota began with Judith Kulla, the current President of Caring Hands picking David Mueller, the current Vice-President out of a newspaper (her first answer of a personal ad). About forty-five minutes into their first phone call, she said,

“Oh, you are a massage therapist ? I am too !”

This moment became the seed which has grown with love and common values to become the current expression of what is Caring Hands Massage & Spa.

Their joy and creativity in the celebration of literally putting people In “Caring Hands” continues with a focus of quality beyond the ordinary.


They have been joined in this journey by gathering together a collection of “Family of Healers” who truly enjoy being with others in becoming renewed, relaxed and fulfilled.

After a massage at Caring Hands, it is common to hear it said, “That is the best massage I have ever had.”. The answer to why you get a better massage from Caring Hands is simply, “We care more.”

This results from therapists who are unique and each highly trained in a variety of specialities. We have in common a gentle, strong spirit and touch which is always focused on your specific individual needs. Never a routine or “cookie cutter” approach to care.

This is Caring Hands.


How You Want To Feel 


Experienced healers

This is a way to truly get ‘in touch’ with yourself. Gain more energy to live your dreams, smooth out the bumps in life’s road of aches and pains and experience a more joyful fulfillment.

Limited Edition Experiences
New Ways To Be

We celebrate the opportunities for healing and enjoying life more by offering services that always go above and beyond. To add to the variety of life, we are adding unique experiences from time to time from exceptional specialties.

Wellness Membership Specials
Care savings

A commitment to wellness and regular self care is a way to experience life with more vitality, energy and celebration.

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Being Together

With Couple’s Massage the two of you enjoy quality time together letting stress and tension melt away and you walk out together floating. This is a great way to start a date night and enrich your lives together.


Something Special

THAI MASSAGE is an exceptionally unique form of Bodywork and Care. This Treatment combines the Healing benefits of assited yoga postures, acupressure, reflexology and rhythmic massage. These One on One sessions are preformed clothed on a special mat. This full body treatment focuses on stretching muscles and tendons, toning internal organs, balancing the body’s energy promoting well being and relaxation and all over relaxation.

Benefits available:

  • Increased Range of Motion

  • Increased Flexibility

  • Increased Strength

  • Relief of Soreness

  • Increased Flow of Energy

  • Improves Balance

  • Helps Detox the Body

  • Improves Mental Clarity

  • Increase Vitality

  • Helps Body Alignment


Jenni Garlough studied in Thailand and brings her extensive healing talents to this experience.